Network Services

Public Services

We use our own in house windows and Linux servers to host your applications and databases, but at Axia we know that times are changing and customers and developers both prefer modularity and minimised difficulty in managing and hosting applications. Our network engineers and Developers can help host and create pipelines to automate your workflows and deploy them directly to the cloud if you prefer hosting within the cloud or hybrid. We use a number of technologies to keep your applications afloat on the web and in the tech world.

We work with 2 main cloud services:

AWS will help you improve and reduce costs making it cheaper for you to maintain and doing it through us would benefit you in not having to worry to manage your applications thus, you pay a variable cost which will all depend on your website or applications usage and to top it off, you do not have to do anything!

Microsoft Azure works similar to AWS as they both follow the same logic and principles, so you can expect the same benefits. We use Azure Dev-ops to create pipelines to automate testing your workflows and to continuously deploy and integrate features and applications directly onto the server, ready for use.

Private Services

As mentioned above, at Axia we manage on premises services for our customers or to allow them to use our services for their own deployments and internal private use with VPN or closed off connections. May it come to us deploying your websites or applications our servers, or give you control to deploy and configure, our services allow you to host for an affordable cost and letting us do all the infrastructure maintenance and support.

We know that at Axia, people would prefer easy deployment with less hassle, and our developers won’t just engineer you a new application or site, but will also deploy onto any server you want, and to also migrate your current applications and sites if you wish to do so, and to top it off, you do not need to worry about maintenance!

We have you covered with multiple backups and disaster recovery solutions.

Suitable for internal and private use only. VPN used to allow outside remote use for businesses if they wish to do so.

Hybrid Solutions

Want to have the ability to deploy on a public cloud service, but also keep it secure? This is where Hybrid cloud solutions come in, giving the peace of mind in security in public cloud services.

This means combining both the private cloud and public cloud models to make a model that relies on greater security, greater control and is cost effective. We will help set up your connections and your private infrastructure for your applications and sites, so you don’t need to worry about deploying your sites and databases live to the public, we will make sure that your sensitive data will be stored internally while your normal front end will be shown to the public resulting in a much secure deployment.

Suitable for companies that handle sensitive private data, and wish to use their own storage (Databases, MySQL, PostgreSQL) for their sites/applications stored on the cloud.