Previous Projects

With over 20 Years of Experience in hosting development

Axia Design has worked on a number of different projects in different languages ranging from PHP, JavaScript, Static HTML, SCSS and CSS Styling and finally WordPress.

Charity App

Languages Used

This React Native App was developed in Typescript by a previous developer, using Odoo as its privately hosted CRM, PostgreSQL as its storage, Docker for containerisation, React Native as its front end framework, and typescript for its internal language.

Job Requested

Client asked to fix the app due to a vulnerability caused by Stripes custom card system, which the previous developer did not acknowledge.

Client Requested Axia Design to repair and remove the stripe system in favour for google pay and apple pay only.

Disabled Stripe system and closed off the vulnerability that allowed spammers and hackers to run a script checking multiple cards to see which one would go through.

End Result

After the change the website was then updated to meet android and apple OS requirements as the app was offline for a fair while, once that was done, the app was deployed live.

Client then came back the following month to add multiple new features in including a currency changer, as it is a charity app deployed in Europe and Canada and wanted users to add through their own currency instead of paying a conversion fee, and to help the charity and the user.

Features also included updating the Odoo CRM to allow the charity to add custom pricing handles instead of its current static front end enabled payment model, Developer at Axia design developed an Algorithm that would set prices based on your chosen preferred currency and to allow the use of the backend to contain arrays of different prices for different currencies instead of static fixed front end pricing.

Website for inventory

Languages Used

Website was developed in PHP 5.4 and using HTML + CSS for front end Development, and PDO for back end connectivity to MySQL.

Job Requested

To Develop a website for internal use that will allow users to add and update inventory as well as fulfilling orders that would also be documented in its own PDF files and excel sheets for physical storing. A mailing system to also work via SMTP for users that forget their passwords and to be emailed of the latest orders.

This required the use of PDO to connect to MySQL and a heap of queries for multiple scenarios that the front end will take advantage of and allow users to have a solution for work scenarios. TCPDF and CSV was used for generating PDF files and excel sheets with a fixed set of data using a GET request.

End Result

User was happy with the product and came back with more features to add after a few months. As of 2023, User came back with big upgrades which required the developer from Axia design to upgrade the PHP to 7.4 from 5.4 and to add new modules such as PHPSpreadsheets for a better upgrade to its current layout. User also came back to request for managers to receive PDFs on bought orders.

Website to store data of given devices to clients for internal and client use

Languages Used

This website was developed in:

NodeJS for server side rendering.

React JS for the front-end development.

SASS for styling front end.

Express for backend routing.

MySQL for data storage

Docker for containerising for portability

GitHub Actions for CI/CD Pipelining, Automating testing and directly pushing to Server via FTP

Job Requested

Axia required a system to allow internal and client users to add devices and keep a record of who currently has this said device and if the device is free to use, while also keeping a previous historical table to show clients and Axia who the previous owners were for device health reasons.

Using a custom RestFulAPI developed by Axia Design that would connect to MySQL and create routes using Express which would run queries with given data to store.

Axios is used to bridge the gap between the API and the front end allowing to CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE entries.

Node Mailer was used mailing using SMTP especially useful for those who have forgotten their passwords and require a reset and a newly generated password.

End Result

Internal Company are happy with the product and require more upgrades, and due to the scalability of the application, it is now easier to implement future updates and functionality. Clients are also happy and are currently using the system.